Sandra Nunes

*Carioca Impressions

Review by the art critic and journalist Oscar D`Ambrosio about Sandra Nunes paintings


"Plein Air Painting has a special poetic. It demands from the artist an extreme professionalism in search of more and more satisfactory results.

Besides technique, it is essential the knowledge and understanding that art can come from the sensitive nature without being just a copy.

When the motif is Rio de Janeiro, it is much more challeging as the city is among the most painted ones. Then the artist must offer to the observer something new related to expressiviness and the visual dialogue with what is represented.

That´s exactly what Sandra Nunes offers us. By means of color she manages to give her beloved city an intense movement. This happens through the play of light and shade integrating the urban architecture with the most diverse themes as carnival or popular open markets.

By emphasizing the curvaceous lines in a dreamlike impressionistic atmosphere, the artist rescues the poetry of the city and establishes an amazing dialogue with nature that surrounds its urban face reasuring to the observer that Rio de Janeiro is still a "Wonderful City" and that Sandra Nunes`canvases know how to show it very well."

*Carioca= people who is born in Rio de Janeiro

Oscar D`Ambrosio is a journalist and has a Master Degree in Visual Arts by UNESP, integrates the International Association of Art Critics (AICA - Brazil branch)

March 2009


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