Work in Progress

I´ve tried to show my process from bare canvas preparation till the delivery of the painting, showing some steps as I progressed. I made a point of creating this mural consitent with my easel paintings, using traditional artist' s oils.

This work was based on a Plein Air paintings series I´ve done the previous year, I adapted it to the new format and worked mainly from memory. After drawing the design in charcoal on the primed and toned canvas, I started painting washes of color, then built layers of oil painting following the fat over lean principle. Sometimes a pallete knife was used to develop texture in some areas but the bulk of the mural was done with regular bristle and house painting brushes. As the schedule was tight, I worked 5 to 6 days a week dividing each day into 2 periods of not more than 2 to 3 hours of working sessions. Considering it was a physically demanding work that required climbing ladders or being in awkward positions to work near to the floor. I´ve tried not strain myself with long consecutive periods of work. At the end the Canvas was unstretched to allow transportation and restretched to be instaled on the wall.


As it was meant to be a gift to the city. The mural unveiling ceremony was scheduled to coincide with Saint Sebastian holiday, who is Rio de Janeiro´s Patron Saint. The celebration was well attended and included a welcome coffee for the winning artists along with activities in open air that included a show by Casa de Saúde São José Chorus. The sky was clear and sunshine bathed the city in warm light giving the mural a special glow that photographs cannot convey. The street was crowded with visitors walking up and down, enjoying the diferent styles of painting, all of them paying homage to Rio de Janeiro the "Wonderful City." At the ceremony were present among others, the District Mayor representative, the project sponsor, and the Casa de Saúde São José board of Directors among them Sister Laura Benicá and Mr Andre Gallo. The ceremony was broadcasted by SBT Televison network when I was invited for an interview.


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