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It's a real treat to paint in Santa Teresa, climbing the slopes, discovering the lookouts and curves in the streets which surprise you at every turn with magnificent views of Guanabara Bay . The neighborhood features many great mansions and castles with exquisite, rich Portuguese, colonial and eclectic style. There's a bohemian atmosphere in this district and its a meeting point of artists and intelectuals who gather to talk in the cafes and cultural centers. Every year during a weekend of July artists open the door of their studios for public visitation in the project "Arte de Portas Abertas" promoted by Chave Mestra Santa Teresa Visual Artists Association. The Cultural Centers as well as Museums display special art shows. Santa Teresa still operates a tram system, the last to be found in Brazil, and it is its more singular atraction, the charming vehicles, which date from the 19th century were moved by animal traction at first and later by electricity. Survivors of the romantic times, they are now protected as historical heritage and still go along the old tracks taking visitors to a re-reading of the past. Largo dos Guimarães, Castelo Valentim, Curvelo Station, Morro dos Prazeres are among other depicted in this series of paintings.

As any other available work from the site, these can be shipped overseas, if you have any question or comment , feel free to send me an email.

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